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Strategic Information Services

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Our Specialties

Domain Knowledge

Nutrition and Health Promotion

Mathematical Optimization

Scientific Research

Public Sector


Agile Requirements Gathering

User Experience Design (UX)

Test Driven Development


JavaScript, Angular, Jasmine, Html, CSS

Java, Groovy, Spring Boot, Spock

git, Jenkins, VirtualBox

Linux, Unix


Core Competencies


Management consulting

Architectural consulting

Process consulting

Project retrospectives


Resource coordination

Requirements gathering

Software and database design

Source code and data management

Software and database development

Automated and manual testing

Usability testing / software validation

Server virtualization

Continuous deployment

Remote Development Teams

Service-Oriented Architectures


Staff mentoring

System monitoring

User training

Advanced technical support

Custom documentation

McWest Way

McWest develops software using a unique process that integrates customer needs with information technology. The process has two goals: build the right thing, and build it right. We work toward both goals at the same time. Using agile methods, we try to understand your most important needs. And, using Test Driven Development, we iteratively and progressively write, test, and improve software that meets your needs. We call it “the McWest Way”.

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McWest serves customers directly (as a prime contractor) and indirectly (as a subcontractor).

Our direct customers include...

  • Minnesota Department of Health
  • Minnesota Department of Revenue
  • United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Laboratory
  • United States Department of Agriculture Food Surveys Research Group
  • University of Minnesota Nutrition Coordinating Center
  • University of North Carolina Food Research Center
  • Wells Fargo

Our indirect customers include...

  • 3M
  • BestBuy
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • Express Scripts
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services

Core Team

  • Brian J. Westrich, Founder

  • Brian founded McWest in 1997 to practice a unique way of developing software that is focused on and driven by user needs. He’s helped design and write numerous information systems, most notably nutrition systems for the University of Minnesota, the University of North Carolina, and the United States Department of Agriculture. For most of his career, Brian has promoted the Java software platform and Test Driven software Development (TDD) techniques. Brian has degrees in Nutrition and Health Informatics. He enjoys tennis and bicycling.

  • Robert W. Danek, Chief Technical Architect

  • Rob has decades of experience in agile development methodologies. He is an expert in the Java and Javascript development platforms and also has a deep understanding and practical knowledge of SQL database management systems. Rob has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. He enjoys coaching soccer, as well as cooking tasty wholesome meals for his wife and three boys.

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  •   Box 6621, Minneapolis, MN, USA